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Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it..!

Forget about the situation in the world for a moment and imagine that you have finally created a perfect team...

Your employees are happy, eager to take on new challenges and aren’t expecting a hefty quarterly bonus.

And now … we’ve all gone remote...!

The relationships within the team are excellent
and any misunderstandings are resolved by the people themselves.

You don't have to worry about stress among your employees because everyone feels comfortable, at ease and safe in the environment you have created for them.

You get an insight into the workings of your Company without the archaic tools of employee surveillance and evaluation that keep you awake with worry.

Let's look at the stats!

Do you know how to support your employees during this difficult time?

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* Source: InsightOut Lab Report, April 2020


of those working remotely declare that from the beginning of March 2020, they have been working more efficiently*


of people now working remotely from March 2020, are doing so for the first time*


of those working remotely feel the limitations of being able to work as a team*


of managers and team leaders report difficulties in managing a distributed team*

** Source: OwlLabs "State of remote work" Research 2020


of managers and leaders expect to be able to work from home at least three times a week, once the restrictions have ended**

Houston, do we have a problem?

The remote working model has undeniably become the new reality - not just in time for the pandemic..!
While many market studies have already proved that remote work has a positive impact on employees' performance and well-being, do not forget the aspects of teamwork that are at risk.



Trust and sense of security

Working in a distributed team completely changes the reality of the work of managers and team members.

Social interaction is one of the basic needs of the human brain.

In the reality of remote work, when our relationships are limited to work situations, our language becomes professional, dry and devoid of a social dimension.

The lack of interaction, during execution of a task, discourages us from further efforts and takes away our sense of security.

Before the reality changed, even hearing the supervisor say "WELL DONE!" in the hallway made one feel better about his job.

I need a solution!

The sense of unity within the team drops with another video conference, without the video on and the ever, overly formal emails.

The dispersed team does not have the opportunity to exchange opinions or brainstorm freely, which has repeatedly proved essential, both in the planning and in the process of finding solutions.

Using only the tools necessary to work and maintain communication limits our ability to create and maintain relationships, which means that remote working, which once was for most of us an exclusive form of domestic work in a quiet environment, is now becoming a problem and a source of the feeling of loneliness.

Today, employees who do not feel supported by their actions, or who do not feel noticed and appreciated, are distancing themselves from their employer and losing their sense of security.

Are you sure you want someone to leave because of a lack of appreciation?

The lack of direct contact limits the ability to respond in real time to problems that arise and collaboration is reduced to sending emails, video calls and posting tasks.

  • Happiness Index - allows employees to regularly measure their satisfaction and allows them to determine their needs.

No problem!

Are you ready for these few simple tools that will make a huge difference and do you a lot of good in the making..?

By implementing these methodologies, you will guarantee to strengthen a culture of appreciation, a culture of feedback and appreciation of your employees without unnecessary training and cost

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Would you like to know what we have achieved?

  • Feedback - given and received in a non-verbal manner, without negative connotations, facilitates the open communication of expectations and an appreciation of success
  • Kudo Cards - act like good conversation and sincere praise over a nice coffee, they help you say "thank you" in the nicest way possible
  • Merit Money i Market - a way to benefit without incurring extra costs, but with a huge emotional load
  • The Profile with an User's Manual, Personality Styles and Motivators – together, these provide a foundation for relationships and are a reason for informal interaction
  • Common Wall and a Module for Delegating ‘TO-DO’ Tasks - support communication not only across the organisation, but also in teams and projects

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